Stainless Steel Flat Washers As An Essential In Fastener Assemblies

Stainless steel flat washers are some of the most widely used spacing devices. This is a direct result of the many advantages they provide. As flat washers, they play a vital role within a fastener assembly. And with the unique material properties of stainless steel, the security, resistance, and longevity of their application are improved with their incorporation.

Stainless steel includes many different alloys and grades. The vast majority of them are made with iron and chromium as the bulk of their content but additional elements like nickel, molybdenum, nitrogen, copper, silicon, etc. are included to incorporate unique attributes.

Stainless steel provides strength, rigidity, and versatility that are comparable with many steel alloys but with the ability to resist various forms of corrosion, such as rust, tarnish, chemical staining, and deterioration due to acids and caustic substances.

Stainless steel can also offer many cosmetic benefits; depending on the alloy, it can be polished to a mirror-like shine or hold attractive mat or brushed finishes.

Depending on the specific alloy or grade, stainless steel flat washers are economical enough for general-purpose uses. Many industries and engineering organizations categorize stainless steel washers for use in standard applications.

Other types of stainless steel washers are more specialized, due in part to their ability to stand up to especially demanding or highly corrosive circumstances. These washers may cost more than those stamped from conventional grades but they impart higher value and increased integrity in specialty settings.

Stainless steel washers are usually categorized by a series or number grade, which is consistent with the type of alloy. Most industrial washers fall into the 300-series of stainless steel or the 400-series of stainless steel. Washers stamped from either series include specific alloys that may offer special levels of corrosion resistance, sheen, strength, and other qualities.

In addition to more unique attributes of resisting rust or adding shine to hardware, stainless steel washers provide a base set of benefits that are inherent to many flat washers. These devices are placed between materials and fasteners. They are added below the head of a bolt or screw or a nut and the surface of a joined part.

Flat washers serve as a buffer and spacing device that adds support. This is important with materials that may be more malleable or softer than the fasteners used to join them. By properly distributing the load that’s imposed when fastener assemblies are tightened, less stress is placed on the material and proper security and tension are achieved.

Stainless steel flat washers will protect joint surfaces from warping and wear that might loosen the assembly, while also guarding against the effects of rust and other types of corrosion. When applied to equipment with moving parts or motorized elements, stainless steel washers will dampen the effects of vibration, thus contributing to long term security. Stainless steel flat washers may serve other functions depending on their shape.

Depending on the specific type of alloy required, many types of stainless steel flat washers can be sourced from fastener suppliers. If high-performance stainless steel washers are needed, such as those made from alloy 20 or 316L, it may be necessary to source them from a dedicated washer manufacturer.

There are many advantages to relying on a stamping manufacturer, even if standard washers are required. Access to an extensive inventory and traceability and material assurances are just a few reasons why it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturing source.

Where To Get Extra Thick Stainless Steel Flat Washers?

Some standard washer suppliers may include extra thick stainless steel washers in their inventory. Depending on the degree of thickness required, it’s favorable to rely on a stamping manufacturer. Washer manufacturers will usually have a broader selection of raw materials and many will be able to stamp extra thick stainless steel washers on-demand.