Stainless Steel Finish Washers For Smooth Fastener Assemblies

Stainless steel finish washers can refer to washers that have a stainless steel finish or plating, which is applied to improve corrosion resistance and add a pleasing sheen, among other benefits. Stainless steel washers will more often refer to spacing devices known as finishing washers, countersunk washers, or cup washers that are stamped from stainless steel.

Stainless steel finishing washers have a curved surface that fits around the head of a fastener, giving the top of the assembly a smoother, dome shape. This shape also provides a stable grip on materials and increases bearing surface.

Finishing washers gain their name by facilitating a more finished appearance on visible portions of a structure or piece of equipment. When they are stamped from stainless steel, this esthetic is improved thanks to stainless steel’s high-shine finish and resistance to tarnishing, staining, rust, and other issues caused by oxidation. Stainless steel is also strong and reliable in a range of settings.

Many stainless steel finish washers are made with grade 304 or 18/8 stainless steel. This material offers reliable corrosion and heat resistance in most household, structural, and industrial applications.

Stainless steel finish washers can be made from other grades as well, including 316 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel, which both provide added resistance. Virtually any grade from the 300-series and 400-series of stainless steel can be stamped to create finish washers.

They are made through a similar manufacturing process as flat washers, which is completed with a power press and special dies that form their curved shape as the washer is punched from the material.

Depending on the specific grade required, stainless steel finish washers can be obtained from many washer suppliers. There are, however, unique benefits that come with sourcing them from the stamping manufacturer, such as access to a broader selection of products, including non-standard and custom-sized parts, and material traceability, and production assurances.

What Are Finishing Washers?

Finishing washers have a curved surface. When used on a fastener assembly, they contribute to a smooth, finished appearance. They also offer an extended load distribution area that helps preserve and protect installation surfaces. Finishing washers are sometimes called cup washers or countersunk washers because of their shape.

What Are Finishing Washers Used For?

Finishing washers are used to smooth over the appearance of a fastener assembly by creating a recessed surface for the bolt or screw to fit within. The result is more visually pleasing on external portions of structures and equipment.

Additionally, finishing washers provide an extended bearing surface that grips material and contributes to a more balanced assembly.

Are Finishing Washers The Same As Ogee Washers?

Finishing washers and ogee washers resemble one another somewhat but they are shaped differently and are used in different types of applications. Both finishing and ogee washers are round and have a non-flat surface.

They will both lift the fastener assembly to create a more finished and smoother appearance once it is tightened in place. Finish washers, however, have a countersunk inner diameter that cups the fastener head and is primarily used to enhance the visual esthetic of an assembly.

Ogee washers can provide a similar effect, but their main purpose is for placement in dock and wood construction. Finishing washers are often made from stainless steel while ogee washers are often made from cast iron.